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ghost mannequin by Adobe Photoshop

In the photo editing technique, there are several techniques are used to improve product image. Between those techniques, ghost mannequin saves up a lot of time, effort and budget for product owners. Before it was not so easy to represent our products in an artistic way. After the development of Adobe Photoshop and its new design tools and techniques, the scenario has changed.

Now the question is what is ghost mannequin. Normally photographers use a mannequin to photoshoot a garments product. Sometimes that dress looks better without mannequin that time we use ghost mannequin techniques. In this process, image editors remove the mannequin from the image and product image need to regenerate by using two sides of the image.

In this picture, you see one image is with a mannequin and another one is looking the same in shape though there is no mannequin. Mannequin is invisible in that photo this technique of image editing called ghost mannequin.


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